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    Logo and header request for a twitter page

    Hello. I will open a new twitter page and I am going to post daily sports betting tips. Concept The theme of the page will be bullets, and the name will be edited. The targeted audience will be males 18+. What I need -One profile picture with a bullet, it can be happy, with thumbs up. You can...
  2. C

    Want to create a heading for a video and create bullet points

    Want to have a small heading at the bottom of the screen that includes: 1.Two hexagons next to each other in the bottom left 2.A Line across the bottom of the screen 3.A Heading built into the centre of the line acrosss the bottom of the screen Also In one section id like to create a bullet...
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    Lost for ideas + shameless self-plug

    Hey again guys, I need your help. You as graphic designers, whether professional, part time or amateur hobbyists. Disclaimer/ Here comes a shameless plug: Today I uploaded these free bullet renders to DesignerCandies: But I'm beginning to get lost for *useful* ideas. I know a lot of...
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    The Bullet

    What is The Bullet? This training product is designed to show you how to create large-scale visual effects in an organized and powerful workflow. Starting with the raw footage, we will build all of the necessary elements to complete this amazing visual effects shot of Sam Loya firing a gun...
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    Using a .png as a bullet in Powerpoint

    Hi, This may be off topic, but I thought I would give it a try. I made this simple glass button to use in Powerpoint as a bullet. When I import it into Powerpoint it comes in very small (so I have to increse its size to 400%. This is fine except it is then not centered on the text. Below...