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business card

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    Business Card Design! $50 Paypal

    Hello, I'm in need of a new business card design. I have a reference image of a card that I basically want replicated with my info. It will need to be sized to fit a standard business card with rounded corners, just like in the photo. Instead of the initials as the logo, I would like to do a...
  2. G

    Rays of Color - like a flashlight

    I am working on my business card again and I'd like to start adding color. I have something rather specific in mind. First, here's a sample that is a little close to what I have in mind (without the bubbles): Color Rays Here is my rough draft card (ignore black on black and gradient in the...
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    Looking for a good source of free fonts.

    hello, I'm looking for a good source of free fonts. Specifically I am looking for a nice stylized handwriting font like this: Image of Signature. Normally I would just sign my name until I liked it, but I have a disease that makes motor control of my hands difficult. As a result my...
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    School me on font use in photoshop

    I'm working on making a temporary business card (hopefully before a car show in 2 hours!) and I'm having font trouble. I've always had this problem and never could understand how to fix it. I looked up the size of a business card - 3.5" x 2" and plugged that into Photoshop. I then found a...
  5. J

    Add Spot UV Mask/graphic clean up to biz card

    Spot UV Mask (resolved) I no longer need help with this project. Have a nice day!