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  1. J

    Care to reasemble?

    Anyone care to reassemble this picture? I can't quite get it done in paint. The bottom part ripped abd is glued to broken glass.
  2. C

    Evening All

    Hi, let me introduce myself....I'm Paul from Cumbria in England. I've had a quick look about and you seem a friendly helpful bunch so I thought I'd hop in and say hello. I hope it finds you all well Take care and be happy.
  3. T


    Hi I'm Graham from England and been a hobbiest photographer for more years than I care to remember both on film and more recently digital
  4. Paul

    The future of Photoshop

    How far can it go - do you really care ?
  5. Paul

    E mailgate

    Guilty and she doesn't care a bit. :mrgreen:
  6. A

    Care Bears - Tummy

    Hello guys, I'm going to make some t-shirts that will imitate the body of our lovely care bears! :P I just have a problem.. In the front, I'll to have to "paint" the tummy and the simbol... I just don't know very well how to imitate the tummy effect, with the hair, probably some shadows...