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  1. J


    Hi there! Jason here from Melbourne Australia. Found this site specifically for some help working with channels in Photoshop (which I'll post in the help section later) and decided to do my intro... I've been a designer for nearly 10 yrs. I studied design back in the days before it was done on...
  2. Flip TheDev

    Mr. Newbie is here to introduce himself! Give him a warm welcome...Lol

    Hello All, My name is Flip. I live in sunny South Florida where the beer is super cold and the ladies are extremely hot:happy: I'm a outgoing single guy with two (pain in the butt) big dogs, but I love them. I'm going to be making a career change to Web Development, in the near future, but first...
  3. Hybrus

    Good day, I am Wrollen.

    Hello there, I am Wrollen, I am using Photoshop for 5 years and looking forward to learn adobe illustrator. I had the experience of freelancing 4 years ago and for an instance a difficult problem came up to my life and sadly broke my career as a freelancer. But then, as time goes by. I Decided...
  4. hershy314


    Finally found a way to get home....well almost, still need money. A motel near by has reasonable monthly rates. $680 a month that includes utlities plus internet, cable tv....I think it works. Plus being back in a major city it would open more doors in a career in graphic design. More so than if...
  5. A

    Which career provides a steady income and uses drawing/painting skills?

    I am looking for a career that provides a steady income and uses my drawing and painting skills. Do graphic designers mostly have a steady 9-5 kind of job, or do they freelance?