1. F

    Problem with installing extensions in PS cc 2015

    So I had a problem, as i watch tutorial he said that just place to file in plugin folder in adobe PS cc 2015 but when in open window>extensions there're nothing at all *This is what file content look like *the file location is before place it on C:/windows/program files/Adobe/Adobe...
  2. gedstar

    Photoshop 2015.1.2 Update

    New update to Photoshop CC2015 More info here on bug fixes
  3. gedstar

    Photoshop CC2015 easter egg

    Just came across this on another site you can turn the Edit Toolbar icon into a banana, shift right click and shift click the fly out menu, you don't have to make any changes and shift click Done. You have to wonder who finds these things
  4. gedstar

    Photoshop update CC2015 removes previous CC2014

    Just in case you want to keep the old version CC2014, instructions here There's also this Save for Web Export As Save For Web is being phased out, replaced by Export As, a streamlined and simplified way to export...