1. J

    can someone edit double chin?

    can someone please try and get rid of the chin on the phone gir l
  2. C

    can someone slim me down a bit please?

    Could someone make skinnier my face and chin area please? love your work guys <3
  3. D

    Remove double chin

    I love love love this photo of my boyfriend and I, but am so self conscious about my gross double chin. I would love if it was reduced or removed completely! Thank you so much! Any help is really appreciated!
  4. Mmglaude

    Help with maternity pic!

    Can someone try to remove the hair that is blowing across my neck and chin please and thank you I'd really appreciate it!!!!
  5. B

    Fixing Chin Help

    Hi, please can I have a little help with editing this photo, I have slightly cropped the chin off the guy in the left of the photo. I was just wondering if there was anyway that I could use photoshop or can someone please help me with fixing it. I have uploaded the photo below: Here are some...
  6. B

    Image Editing Help- Removing person from background with Photoshop

    Hi, sorry to bother again. Please can I have some help removing the person behind me in the picture? I am located on the right hand side and have also managed to cut my chin off. I have tried editing the image but have had some difficulty. I would appreciate the help, thanks. P.S. I would like...
  7. B

    Image Editing Help-

    Hi, please can anyone help me fix these two images, in the first image I would like to remove the person behind me and possibly fix my chin as it has been cut off.In the second picture, I would like to fix my cut off chin again.I would be grateful for the help. Thanks have also cropped my chin...