1. A

    Photoshop background and change colour of clip art + invitation help

    Hi all! Could someone please photoshop the background and text out of the attached clipart and also change it to the blue colour that it is in the invitation picture? If you could please also let me know the colour model and pigment amounts used that would be fantastic. I am trying to create...
  2. N

    Change the color of clip art to a specific color

    Hi everybody! Is there a way to change the color of clipart to a specific color? When I use Layer Style > Color Overlay the whole elephant gets a new color, but I don´t want to change the color of the ear end eye. And with hue/saturation and color balance I can´t choose a specific color. Is...
  3. Shawn Gossman

    Fonts and clipart

    Howdy all, I am wondering, are there any good FREE (and virus free lol) websites out there where I can download font packs and clipart as well. I mainly want to use my PS CS5 for logo design for my websites and forums and need more resources to play with! Also if anything out there is...