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  1. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How To Draw A Simple Clock In Adobe Illustrator (With Voice Explaining)

    This is a quick tutorial on how to draw a simple clock in Adobe illustrator. This clock is made very simple so even a beginner can follow along. V
  2. I

    Can someone please put me in Back To The future 3 clock picture

    Hello! I went to a special Back To The Future 3 event where you could take a picture in front of the famous clock. I'm the guy on the left. Can someone please put me in the movie as Marty? Thanks a lot!
  3. chrisdesign

    3D Steampunk Clock

    This design goes way back to the Victorian Age. Maybe one of my late ancestors did some doodling of a clock on a piece of paper out of boredom somewhere back in 1870. It found it's way into one of my dreams lately. I met there a strange looking guy wearing goggles with a clock face on each...