1. MoltresRider

    Photoshop creating closed shape with pen tool despite Shift being held down

    I held down the shift key on my keyboard after I made my last point using the pen tool in Photoshop. But instead of Photoshop just creating a line like it is supposed to when you hold down Shift, it created an entire shape and closes it and fills it. Photoshop does not just stop the line where I...
  2. J

    Stupid problem with Lasso tool - self-closes

    I'm having a ridiculous problem with the Lasso tool. I'm making a selection, and it randomly closes on me. At first I thought I mistakenly hit something on the keyboard, or clicked 2 points on my path a little too quickly, but I've since realized that it happens when I'm not touching the...
  3. R

    focus stacking - panel closes after alignment done

    I do a fair amount of macro work and focus stacking has been a standard tool for some time now. It's a technique that takes a modest amount of preliminary work and the procedure is absolutely rote once the photos are loaded. No thought or additional manipulation required. But I've been having...