1. D

    please help me

    can you make the qr code more visible? or just remove the background and dont delete the qr code
  2. LemonLuuk

    Help me please.. im desperate.

    I can spend hours in photoshop and still end up with nothing. Im doing photoshop since 2010 for a hobby but im still having problems. Since my friends are being upcoming 'artist' and they ask me for making covers i want to do a good job but i cant. My mission for today was making a youtube logo...
  3. kerby

    Spoiler tags / challenges

    I'd just like to ask if the code can be added to the bbcode list, or if there is an alternative I could use? I'd argue that it's useful, especially when posting multiple large images in one reply. It takes a long time to browse threads with multiple replies like this, and could be shortened...
  4. K

    The King is Here

    Hi folks. I've come to conquer Photoshop. I once met a guy who claimed he was a manager at Adobe and was responsible for the code (programming aka software development) behind Photoshop. He was probably speaking the truth because his personality matched the Photoshop user interface.
  5. mdyusuf

    Need an authorization code to activate Photoshop

    How do i get it.
  6. M

    Vector Shapes

    I have created a drawing using path layer straight lines to create multiple shapes. It's going to be traced to board and painted on a wall I know want to fill these shapes so I can colour code but don't know how…. I am new to photoshop so I may have drawn the shapes incorrectly….any help...
  7. B

    Replacing color with specific color code

    I am trying to replace the background color of the image below. I am using the replace color tool. I use the first eyedropper tool to select the color. Then the second eyedropper+ tool to select the shaded area. I use a fuzziness of 50-70. I enter the replacement color using a color code. The...
  8. C

    New here: Looking forward to learning & sharing!

    Hey everyone, I've recently become interested in graphics design, and more specifically Photoshop. I code and program as a hobby in my spare time. I started using Photoshop to make simple graphics for the forum threads that I was releasing my code in to share with other. It didn't take long...
  9. gautamz07

    Re-carreting a web page :D :D

    hey guys had a bit of free time on my hands . found this really awesome about me page online :D :D and you know what i'am going to do with it :D :D YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS .... Re- create it LOOOL Alas , in HTML and CSS :P :P , i will be going slow on it , but we'll do it i'am sure . I'll...
  10. Barrettathome

    Click Tag Code

    Ok so I created a Flash Ad in ActionScript 3.0. I needed to ad a click tag on (release) { if (_root.clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") { getURL(_root.clickTAG, "_blank"); } } I was told that the it had to be in ActionScript 2.0 for the code to work. I ccanged the ActionScript to 2.0...
  11. Hoogle

    anyone know gold code

    just wondering if anyone knew the #ffffff code for a convincing matt gold colour tried a few from the web but cant get 1 I like