1. Zintius

    Specific change the purple please

    Couod you please change the purple colour to hot red or hot pink and if possible could you make the colour reflect on him a lil bit so it looks more kinda real thank you:)
  2. E

    Custom star-like shape, please help!

    Hi PSG; I'm, as you noticed, new here, and I need help with re-creating this custom shape: It's that star-like coloured behind those guns, you can see it clearly in the middle image I tried editing a circle but it got terrible wrong, so can you guys, please, help me? thanks in advance!
  3. P

    Help with a yellow removal from a black and white photo

    Hi all I am not a newbie as such but due to lifes trials its been a long while since I have had the chance to do anything with ps. I am terrible at remembering things if I dont do them constantly and I cannot remember this I have been asked if I can do anything with this photo and its the...
  4. Paul

    Colorize B&W photo of negro and other dark skinned individuals (was: Colour me in)

    Usually it's a white family that gets the recoloured treatment, let's see how good you are at recolouring a coloured family in. Click image for slightly larger file.
  5. F

    Always get a light coloured halo around my selection.

    Trying to figure out how to stick one image on top of another. Select what I want, delete everything else, copy then paste into a new layer on top of the target background. I can't get rid of the halo around the image! Have spent many unhappy hour with the refine edge tool; am I missing something?
  6. Paul

    Colorful chappy re coloured

    Hes a guy and a half lol.