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  1. A

    Really grateful for image restoration and colourisation. Sentimental

    Hi I'm new here and have been trying for hours to do this job myself but have absolutely no photoshop skills. The image is of my mother in laws mother, and is the only phot she has left, I wanted to get it restored and colourised for her birthday but have had no luck. Any help will be hugely...
  2. F

    Adding false color to grey-scale x-ray images - help!

    I've my dissertation next year, and would like to investigate the use of airport style x-ray images in radiological x ray images. The airport style images colourise pixels of a greyscale image based on their darkness (ie. black-->green, grey---->orange, light----->blue). This mean I need some...
  3. revnart

    Colouring Black & White photo

    Hi, I've searched but didn't find any info here about this :) I've found an online algorithm that will automatically colour your black and white photos, it's not perfect but its nice fun :) example: btw: it's "Coloring" or "Colouring"? :)
  4. rcat

    First colourization attempt

    What do you reckon? I don't think the skin tone is too good. And the hair looks a bit .. greenish? Don't know why , it's just a pale brown.