1. G

    [3D] opacity map with unlit?

    I handpaint textures for 3D characters, and I'd like to know if there's a way to work with an opacity map in unlit settings, since unlit seems to ignore that completely.
  2. chrisdesign

    3D The House of my Dreams

    If I could afford it, I would like to have this house built. In the meantime this is a concept image of it, done completely with Blender 3D. Please do not hesitate to post critique or suggestions.
  3. D

    Remove double chin

    I love love love this photo of my boyfriend and I, but am so self conscious about my gross double chin. I would love if it was reduced or removed completely! Thank you so much! Any help is really appreciated!
  4. J

    Batch Automation Batch Merge Images

    New to photoshop. Working on a project that I am completely clueless how to do. Trying to figure out how to take one of our standard bracelets and then add one of our standard charms to it. Then i have to repeat that about 5 million times. LOL Does anyone know if there would be an easy way to...
  5. R

    Paint Bucket not filling solid area on separate layer?

    The solution is probably simple, but I have never run into this issue previously. Can anyone tell me why the paint bucket tool is not completely filling a selected area on a top layer? The selected area should be completely white, but it seems to have a subtle outline of the layer I traced from...
  6. agentmoeller


    Just a portion from a recent commission job for a coworker. Done completely in Ps.
  7. N

    Fixing tungsten colour casts?

    I am trying to remove a horrible colour cast from a tungsten light on the hair and skin of a bunch of photos but I've tried a bunch of methods and can't seem to get rid of it completely without spending 15 minutes on each photo... I've tried using hue and saturation adjustment and trying to hit...
  8. S

    A Little Help With A Panorama?

    I recently went to Niagara Falls and came home probably the most beautiful picture I've ever taken. Unfortunately, the Panorama didn't come up perfectly, and there is a discrepancy in the handrail in the image. I know that it is next to impossible to completely remove that, but I was hoping that...
  9. B

    Need my classic car slammed!

    Hello Gurus!! Looking for someone to slam/lower my car possibly a couple edits one being no gap between fender and top of tire and one completely slammed on the ground. Thank you you very much for your time!:thumbsup: Matt
  10. D

    Make an image appear partially inside and partially outside a frame or other shape

    Hi all I am completely new to all of this, and there probably is a thread already, but can you please help me?? How can I add an image in a shape? like this one? I appreciate all help, and sorry if its been shown before. Thank you
  11. Paul

    You create the after.

    Recreate this wonderful lady, make her blemish free if you so desire or how about going for a new make over completely? Or just go nuts and do a full cyber robot alien monster, just have fun.:mrgreen:
  12. Zprite

    Two-faced portrait (photomanipulation)

    Hi! As my first thread, why not post a picture of myself. I've seen some of these before, but not with the mouth open. So I gave it a try myself. I took the photos myself, so sadly it isn't completely in focus. Critique wanted. And ideas for a better background. (I'm bad at backgrounds :P)
  13. Paul

    Change the scene

    Take the woman from her surroundings and put her into a new background doing something completely different, be creative but above all else have fun.
  14. G

    need help with RGB/CMYK colors

    Noob here ..and completely clueless. This question is not really related to photoshop (I'm actually using Illustrator), but I don't think it will make much of a difference. I made a logo and now I need to add color. I have to use the same red used in the previous logo and all I have is a gif of...
  15. RuinedMemories

    Is this even remotely possible? HELP!

    Ok so long story short, a few of my son's first holiday (Christmas,bday, etc) got ripped up. I wanted to put them in his baby book and call me sentimental but it's been about two months and I'm still completely heartbroken and can't get over it. They are taped together at the moment. Is it even...
  16. T

    Help I'm completely useless with this

    thank you!!!!!