1. C

    Looking for photoshop/illustrator artist for music videos

    Hi, I write on behalf of Clear But Complex(CBC), a new EDM musician/producer. This is CBC's latest release: Mod edit: Link not working The art style in this video is the type of art style CBC is looking for. CBC will provide all due credit to the artist. Links to artist page or promotional...
  2. T

    Hello, need quick photoshop service.

    I need an image worked on shouldnt take more than an hour or two. work type: image enchancements, looking to pay ~15 usd for this, should take less than an hour for experienced guru :D msg me here for details.
  3. J

    Actions Anyone know of a Contact Shadow Action??

    I have been searching for a Contact Shadow action (similar to the one Apple Pages has for placing a small contact shadow at the feet of a person inserted onto a page). I want to have a small soft shadow placed at the feet of person that is extracted and on it's own layer, and placed onto another...
  4. ibclare


    @gedstar I think my posts have been so few (OK, non-existent), that I can receive PMs but can't reply. :banghead: Thx for your contact and congats to you Moderator. :wave2: You can get my email from Hoogle if you want to reach me! Or you maybe can find it right here . . .
  5. S

    Seeking Photoshop Commissioned Editing.

    Hi all! I have a request, I'd like to have some signage and text added to some images. If you are a photoshop pro, please contact me. I can pay for your time and I use Paypal. Thank you guys!!!
  6. H


    Hlw I am new in this forum. I work as am image editor.
  7. M

    Help needed! ;/

    Hello, my friend, i'm Maria..I'm new here and I'm not so good with PS. I need to change a photo for a birthday party for a friend: I have to insert in this photo another book. Can you help me? Please contact me via PM or here
  8. SeniorS

    CS3 Bridge - Indesign Contact Sheet - don't create caption!?!

    Hello! Little problem with CS3 Bridge. Tried for first time to make Indesign Contact Sheet but it just not create captions. Only images thumbnails and thats all. Tried use defined caption styles - zero effect. Any experience with that? P.S. I know about same stuff in PS but this one...