1. T

    Editing this picture

    i'm new here so if there's something wrong sorry :) need someone to copy all text + same fonts and everything to this picture ( please change the Sponser to Sponsor ) from this picture to the bottom one IMAGES REMOVED. thanks :cool2:
  2. N

    from this photos only i have stay, all other have to be cut

    First of all sorry for my bad English :) Now here is the photo - only i have to stay, all other have to be cut :cool2: Thanks
  3. J


    I'm new to the forum, and pleased to meet you all. :cool2:
  4. nachofrades

    Two usefull links

    A color picker with multiple functions always on top, essential for me. The perfect texture store for free and professional use. It's only for informative purposes, it's not my bussiness :cool2: