1. M

    Could anyone help make these images look natural?

    As the title says, I want to insert John Lennon in the background, in the image between Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury. I attempted it but I'm not sure how to get the lighting correctly to make it look like John Lennon was actually there. I appreciate any help, so thanks in advance!
  2. M

    Text Effect - How To Duplicate

    Hello all, I'm trying to duplicate the text effect seen in the sample below. The layout of the text "SURFING" is what I'm focusing on and I'm trying to use the text "mobilePRO" in its place. I've tried a number of different fonts to get the think block style seen in the example, but i'm hitting...
  3. Tom Mann

    Guess what I was photographing all day yesterday?

    Well, not quite all day, but close: from 0-dark-30 (ie, around 4 AM till dinner time). If no one guesses correctly, I'll keep adding more clues. :cheesygrin: Tom Clue #1:
  4. Kristen Tyler Photo

    Need Pure White Background with Shadows

    Hi everyone! I had a shoot yesterday with a model in a milk bath, and I have a great amount of shots that I love, but I am running into some serious post work issues. Spent 4 hours in Photoshop last night trying to tackle this, and again this morning, and have decided to turn to you all for...
  5. M

    3D Action script not working anymore...?

    I use a 3D action script on a regular basis in my biz as a cover designer. I have been using the same action script to turn covers into 3D for marketing purposes forever. Now, all of a sudden it's not working correctly. I went searching for new ones, downloaded and tried 4 different ones, all of...
  6. D

    Why can't I get Blue Colors to Print Correctly???

    I’m running Windows 7 64Bit running Adobe CS5 Master Collection. But ever since I allowed CS5 Photoshop to control my printer (HP Photosmart Prem 310-C) to do a test print of a graphic that I created all of my Blues print a violet/blue color, no matter what color blue. It has even...