1. revnart

    New work station

    Hey, today I have a specific question about hardware - photoshop dependency. We need to build machine that will batch work on 50-100 thousands images per day, all automated with scripts (that part is ready), I've tried running all operations on my laptop (i7 - 8gen, 20GB ram, Nvidia GeForce...
  2. Z

    so, Who's Upgrading to Windows 10 today?

    Hey guys, It's the 29th of July, as you probably know, I've been looking forward to this day for lord knows how long now, as it's the day I can finally be rid of windows 8.1. I don't know about you guys, but my windows 8.1 has slowly been getting slower and slower with several bugs, including...
  3. S

    Your Machine Specs

    As it reads - what is your rig rocking? Do you plan to upgrade? If so, to which parts, or a whole new machine? This is my baby :) Monitors: 27 inch ViewSonic 1080p + 22 inch ViewSonic 1080p in dual config. CPU: Intel Core i7 3820 @ 4.0ghz RAM: 16GB Corsair 1600mhz quad channel config...