1. D

    Coloring effect

    Trying to crack this grey/green/textured effect that I'm seeing in portraits lately, especially this guys work: Honestly any general notes on his use of tweaking the color profile would be welcomed. There are definitely specific things he does depending on...
  2. J

    how can i create this kind of screen crack effect?

    Dear all, i have been trying to achieve screen crack effect but i unable to achieve the result. This is the image i edit: The sample photo i wish to achieve: how can i achieve this kind of hi resolution crack screen overlay with the subject? anyone can advise me. kindly appreciate...
  3. L

    Don't get to do AMC cars much...must less Gremlins.

    Not a lot of call for the AMC cars. I was happy to get a crack at this one.
  4. Vafann

    Help with crack

    Lol, I just realized that the title sounds funny.. Anyway, I need to make something that looks like a realistic crack or cracking hole in a tile floor, I want to have something growing out of it, probably a flower. What is the best way to do this? If it´s with a brush, does anyone have a link...