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    Data Merge Newbie

    Hi all, I am wanting to set up quite a number of data merges, across many different photoshop files (and illustrator files actually) to help to "automate" personalised details in our designs. I understand the concept of the data merge, and have done a few tests that seem to work. My question...
  2. C

    [Request] Crew Logo

    If someone would be kind enough to make me a simple yet attractive logo that says "Fixed Flight Crew" or "FFC" or with both Incorporate into the logo that would be great. Also if the logo could somewhat relate to the text (wings, something with flying etc.) i would appreciate it a lot, thanks...
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    F5 design studio is looking for some crew !

    hello, we are looking for very skilled web coder for co op working on projects , long term relationship. if you have some interest please contact us and send us some samples of previous work we`ll be very happy to see them best regards