1. M

    Riddled with self doubt....

    I have worked in Photoshop for about 12 years, I used to own a pretty successful Working Gallery back east.... I moved out to California and have not really sold much work, I have not even tried. i have been really busy with other stuff. But now i find myself without people to bounce my work off...
  2. Hoogle

    Need your criticism urgently.

    Ok I have just progressed in a round for a competition it has 5 stages and well lets say the winner gets a great opportunity. So I know I have displayed the image in the weekly challenge but this is for some fresh eyes. I set out to do the challenge and saw potential so have worked on it some...
  3. B

    Some of My Work. Need Criticism

    Hey guys this is some of my work I need you all to tell me what i can do . better this is my firsrt year doing photoshop i hope to get better.:eek: i have some other ones uploading now . i will add them to this thread. This is just some work i have been doing. these are some of my very...
  4. Barrettathome

    Criticism and Opinions Welcome

    New design for the a development in Va, Beach.