1. jarhtmd

    How to Change Date-Time Created/Modified in CS6

    In CS6 File>File Info>General[tab] provides the ability to enter info for several fields. The Created & Modified dates & times are displayed but are not changeable. Is there a way to change those dates & times?
  2. O

    Photoshop actions - for wedding invitation cards

    Hello, I was wondering is someone can help. Bit of a random question. I currently supply invitation cards. My customer provides me with their information, their fiances information, their parents details, venue information, dates etc. We leave a blank line so they can add the name of the...
  3. Eggy

    Where Is Vee (dv8_fx)

    His last post dates from May 28?
  4. M

    morph two images to match NOT panorama

    I have a series of images taken at different dates, some many years apart, and want to get them as correctly aligned as possible. The images were taken from slightly different positions and with somewhat different focal length lenses. The result would be two images of the same scene from the...