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  1. mikecox

    How do shapes work?

    I've tried to draw several lines on an image. I have been able to draw the lines, which were created as smart objects, but while the line is visible, adding another causes the first one to promptly disappear. Hitting Enter also makes them disappear as well. I thought maybe I needed to...
  2. L

    Clipping Mask disappears

    Hello! I am working on a project and I am trying to create an overlay for a mockup. I created a rectangle with a fill to create a clipping mask but when I apply the clipping mask, the mask and the fill disappears. I have tried using a copy of the layer then creating the clipping mask but...
  3. A

    How to save Pen Tool anchors?

    Like in the title? I had a very unpleasant surprise after saving my project, reopening it and seeing that all my anchors and lines between them just disappeared! :/ How to save them? Why they're not an object, like in Paint Shop Pro? Don't tell about brush stroke paths (I have them)...
  4. O

    Something wrong with the Brush! Its simple, I just can't get it.

    So when I use my brush on photoshop, the usual small circle appears, but the moment I actually USE it. It disappears completely and an arrow appears. Which makes it REALLY difficult to use or even see what i'm doing. I looked at the other forums to see who else has this problem. I found...