1. gautamz07

    My paragraph pallet disappeared :(

    hey guys nothing much to do today :D boring day lol , so was just using PS and my paragraph pallet disappeared :( , any idea , how i can get it back ? :)
  2. Y

    My star ratings have disappeared!

    Hi, I have recently started using Photoshop Elements and am currently importing my photos in the Organiser. I painstakingly went through and tagged/keyworded and gave star ratings to over two hundred photos the other day and it worked fine. Then I signed up for Adobe Revel and synced those...
  3. P

    CS5.1 Extended, the button to switch from frames to timeline disappeared

    Like the title said, it's just gone. It was there the other day and now it's not, I haven't changed any preferences of anything so I'm not sure how this could have happened. Any idea how to get it back?