1. N

    Hey there!

    Hey, I'm Nawer. My main interest lies in fashion design and illustration and I'm now starting to discover Photoshop as a new tool in my repertoire.
  2. VgT

    New member

    Hello guys , i'm new here , I joined here cause I want to learn all if I can about design and maybe teach what I know , I use photoshop about 2 years and have a lot of thing to discover :P.
  3. D

    Hello there members of PhotoshopGurus!

    Hello There!!! My name is Cristina (Discover Wide) and this is my first time here. I just want to introduce myself to you guys, I am Puerto Rican so I speak spanish too, and I love designing in Photoshop and others you can metion haha, I love expressing myself in design or photography and I am...