1. T

    Hello PS Guru Community - Young man from the West full of Q's

    First off I would like to thank the PS Guru community for having such an open and welcoming community. I have been Lurking in the shadows for a few weeks, trying to make use of such an amazing resource. A million questions have been asked and the answers are usually full and complete. The time...
  2. R

    Creative Dogs head on mans body

    Can someone please help me put my friends dogs head onto this mans body and make it look like part of the painting? Choose from any of the dogs heads in photos. Thank you!
  3. K

    Specific In desperate need to impress mother in law!! Please help!!

    Hello everybody, My name is Karel from the Netherlands. I'm a beginner in Photoshop with an old macbook and CS5 (no oil paint filter ) in desperate need of your advanced skills and kindness. I would like to impress my mother in law by giving her the perfect christmas presents. She has three...
  4. A

    Adding a dog

    Can someone please add the brown dog next to our two dogs? We want to prank our mother about buying another dog. :) I need that dog: Next to our two dogs here: Their size should be about the same. :) I know that second picture is not perfect, but it will be ok for phone message, quality is...
  5. P

    My dogs pawprint

    Hello! I would like a copy of my dogs paw print however he hates having his paws handled so the best I could get is a photo, if you could get me a copy of his paw print it would be greatly appreciated. I would like the outcome to look like the attached paw print pictures (print1, print2)but...
  6. N

    5 dogs in one picture

  7. K

    New here, could somebody plz help me tidy up this image of my dogs

    Hi I am looking to either get the outlines on this image that I have edited myself cleaned up or I can upload the 3 original pix that I took for somebody to place them and make it look better for me. I am am looking to do dog walking and wish to use a picture of my 3 dogs on my profile...
  8. F

    We have a winner!

    Our local internet newspaper ran a little contest on holiday photography. Most people sent in photo's from exotic places, I chose a little landscape I found on a beautiful walk with my dogs. So one day, I got a nice mail, telling me I had won a prize. The prize is a stone grill diner for two...
  9. S

    Dogs surfing

    Could someone please put my dogs on surfboards while surfing on a wave with sunglasses on. This is for a fun christmas card. It is ok if the scaling is off, this is supposed to be silly. Thanks
  10. Pipsmom

    Pet Photo Retouching

    I've looked around the site but can't locate the topics I need to learn how to retouch and restore dog pictures...especially those pesky Jpeg's that feature black dogs that owners don't know how to light and photograph to start with...... as my name here implies I am Pipsmom, and I own two long...
  11. R

    (request) abbey road photo and dogs

    Hello, I am making a fake album cover as a gift for my boyfriends parents. I would like to insert their dogs into the abbey road photo. I have attempted to do this myself several times but have never had much practice with photoshop. Anyway thanks in advance to anybody who would be willing to...
  12. W

    something for my dogs :-)

    I need help. I need to do a commercial for my dogs .... (For puppies, mating). It may help ???!!!:neutral::neutral::neutral::neutral: