1. J

    One more save the date

    Hello! I have one more photo that's in need of editing by taking out the green light dot. Can anyone help me out with this? Thank you so much!!
  2. Y

    Photoshop Problem With Wacom Tablet

    I was drawing fine for a couple of minutes with my pen, and it suddenly randomly stopped being able to draw. When I click with my pen, it makes a dot, and then I can't click anything else with my pen. If I move my mouse, it starts drawing starting from the dot without me left clicking, and I...
  3. R

    Automate Photo Name Marked on Photographs

    Hi, I'm not brand new to Photoshop, but I sure feel like it sometimes! We only use photoshop for marking and labeling photographs for our engineering firm. I have self taught how to use actions, batches, mark and label certain important items on our photographs and a few other things. But, the...
  4. nachofrades

    Text issue

    Hi folks! I don't use much text tool, but it's for curiosity. When I type some word with text tool, all works fine, but when I tyoe a number or a dot in example, it puts in the beginning of the text... TAL (Thanks a lot) :mrgreen: