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    After Effects 3D text with double bevel

    Hi everyone, I am new to after effects so forgive me. I am trying to create a 3D text exactly as seen in the x factor UK this year. I have got close, raytraced 3D with a bevel, however what i want to produce is a little different. On the attached link example there seems to be a double bevel...
  2. D

    Remove double chin

    I love love love this photo of my boyfriend and I, but am so self conscious about my gross double chin. I would love if it was reduced or removed completely! Thank you so much! Any help is really appreciated!
  3. A

    double chins problem :(

    Please fix it
  4. E

    How can I disable this thing?

    Hi, when i double click a text this popup comes. how can i turn it off?
  5. S

    Can someone do a double exposure effect for these pics?

    Is it possible to run a fire overlay or background with these images, as a double exposure effect? Thanks y'all!
  6. K

    RAW converter updates

    Hi, I brought new camera Canon 5DsR and now if I need raw converter update (I use CS6), there are only DNG converters available. So I need to convert them before I can open in Abobe raw converter (double time). How can I make things easier again (have to buy CC?)? Thank You!
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    Help: from Single mattress to Double mattress

    Hello Guys, I need your precious help. I have to transform this single mattress into a double mattress. How can I do? Wich passages have I to do? Could you help me? Thank you so much. Andrea
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    Please advice me on revisions to be done in this .psd (Double Exposure photoshop)

    Hi guys, it's been a while. Recently I've been attempting on a double exposure thingy using a selfie of myself with a photo of the Eiffel Tower. I understand that using the photo that I have obtained from Flickr may be without permission (but it was downloadable and I have no intentions on...
  9. O

    Photoshop CS3 - Mockup business cards help please

    Hello all, I have just downloaded a mockup for a business card. I wasn't aware of this previously, but I can edit the contents of a layer (by double clicking on it - I think it is a smart object) - when I double click on it, the particular layer opens in a new Photoshop window. However, when...
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    double drop shadow????

    Hi, Im trying to get double drop shadows. i came across an article that said i could convert the layer into a smart object and give it additional shadows. however, when i try that the original drop shadow gets stuck onto the new one. i need them to go in slightly different directions. any...