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download psd

  1. F

    Free Instagram PSD Templates

    This list will easy the process of finding the best Instagram templates. You can use these templates to create awesomely cool looking photos. 20 Free Instagram PSD Templates
  2. T

    Free PSD Mockups

    Hi, I want to share with you a site where you can download PSD Mockups (electronic, food, item) entirely for Free. All mockups have editable semi-transparent shadows, electronics mockups - iPhone, iPad, Surface are in all colors and also have fully editable screens. All assets on
  3. Yutosi

    Ripped Metal | Photoshop PSD File Free Download

    Here is something I was working on for a project, thought I would share it with you guys in case someone else can make use of it. This is a fully layered PSD file of Ripped Metal. The curled edges and shadows are all fully editable. You can put these on any color background or image you like...
  4. Yutosi

    Sale Seal Stickers Free PSD Download for Photoshop

    Had some fun with these sale tag/stickers or seals. These would be good for a web store or marketing materials when you have a sale or want to feature a percent discount or price. These are fully layered and can be resized to any size because they use smart objects. The text is easily...