1. chrisdesign

    3D Steampunk glass encased Fantasy Rocket

    ....or maybe just another 3D Blender attempt to create artful design. The hands I downloaded from, but applied my own material. The 'rocket' is my own design. Feel free to comment it.
  2. chrisdesign

    3D Tree Variations

    On my last post Eggy (our new moderator) suggested to add a tree to my work. From this most useful link for 3D objects I downloaded a tree and created these series of images in BLENDER. Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.
  3. Y

    Photoshop for screen print designs?

    I’ve come here because I’m a little confused and need some advice. I have to make designs for several screen prints and I need to do this while I’m away on holiday so I grabbed my old macbook pro and Cintiq 13HD on the way out the door thinking this would do the job. I’ve been using Krita at...
  4. gedstar

    Creative Cloud unable to reach adobe servers

    Is anybody having issues getting the latest updates to PSCC2015, I think it's just a ACR update so I downloaded it manually from here But still getting the Creative Cloud unable to reach adobe servers error Here's a thread...
  5. L

    Help with my blog

    hi, so i need help with my blog that I have on and i'll thought I will ask you guys, as you can see in the picture I attached that's the home screen of my blog, I'm using a downloaded template. There's the facebook, instagram bla bla bla icon that i put in a red box, how can I link...
  6. J

    Turning a 3D image into 2D

    I downloaded a PSD image from the net which is a 3D image. Is it possible to edit this image and turn it into a 2D image so I'm looking at it face on? Appreciate the help, JH
  7. F

    Filter -> render, how to add new ones?

    Hi, longtime no see, too many things to do, but now I have a question. I have this tutorial to add botanical elements to a text, but he uses the filter -> render and I only have "clouds, fibres, lens flares..." So I downloaded some renders but I cant find to add them; Would be so gratefull for...
  8. J

    Need Help with .NEF plugin - CS5

    Hey guys. i'm having a bit of a problem. I know that in the past I have been able to open .NEF on my computer through Photoshop. Now this week and friend shot some pics with his Nikon and gave me the .NEF for me to work on them. Now my Photoshop tells me that those files can't be open. I went on...
  9. hershy314

    Before/After Lexus

    The image in the upper right corner is the before pic. To get the final look I used a custom action I downloaded from I think you have to be signed up to download them.....sorry. I like how it came out.
  10. C


    new here, just downloaded Cs2 today. I know nothing about it yet, but look forward to learning everything I can.