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  1. J

    Wavy/Hand Drawn Line Simulation

    Is there a way to make a straight line drawn with a brush look hand drawn with some wavyness to it? I want it horizontal (i.e. I'm holding down the shift button as I paint) but am hoping for some variation so it doesn't look so formal, like in the attachment here:
  2. IamSam

    Digital Painting: A Black and White Study

    Recently Hoogle posted a link to Picarto.TV. I have spent an unusual amount of time watching other very talented artists paint. I have painted my entire life and it wasn't until a great friend of mine went from traditional paintbrushes and airbrushes over to the "sinful" Photoshop, did I ever...
  3. J

    Please help!

    I need someone to make this photo look like the drawn one below.
  4. L

    Something to be shown at the bottom when exceeds the top border

    Hi to all I'm sorry for my not so great title, but I just don't eally know how to call what I want to do... In general, I want to create a picture that if I were to duplicate it and put it on top of the original, it will "connect" and look like a continuation of the original picture. This is an...
  5. D

    How can i create something similar to this?

    I have tried using the custom shape tool with an outline and it does not fit properly, would something like that logo have to be drawn by hand?
  6. C

    Transform any photo into a HAND DRAWN masterpiece!

    I made this video tutorial on youtube because I thought some would like to learn this awesome effect, I know I'm glad I know it! haha If you like this, please leave a comment letting me know. I enjoy hearing it was helpful :)