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    Can anyone change the hair color on these pictures?

    Hello! I recently have started thinking about dyeing my hair a different color, something like, greyish, dark white tones. But I am unsure if it would turn out to be nice, and I would like to be sure about that. I would make the color changes myself, but my computer has had some problems, which...
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    Hair color change? Wanna dye my hair but not sure

    So I really wanna dye my hair but I'm not really wanting to spend a lot of money for an unsureness of me liking my hair color so if it's allowed can someone just change it to platinum blonde or any other color someone would think looks good on me....Please?
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    Purple hair please?

    Hi, Photoshop Gurus! I'm useless with photo-editing and I hope someone is willing to help me out. I was supposed to dye my hair purple to lighten the news (for Facebook friends) that I am having brain surgery soon, but the date is sooner than I expected and I can't dye it without jeopardizing...
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    Tie Dye Effect

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew how to do a tie dye effect like the patterns below: Thanks!