1. Jerry D

    Advertisements on the board

    Am I seeing things or were there some displayed earlier today?
  2. A

    Need help with saving files :(!

    I saved my PSD as PDF earlier today to print and see what it would look like IRL, and I forgot to save it back to .PSD. I just now closed my file and saved (Not knowing that it was saving as PDF!) Now when I open my photoshop CS6 File it goes to the work I did earlier today, without all the...
  3. Paul

    Anyone know what this might be?

    Found it dead in the pool earlier while doing a winter clean, 70mm long. :pimp:
  4. M

    Help! Painter image saved lighter than it should be!!

    I need your help people! My image saved as jpeg is much lighter and seemingly less contrasting than it originally was. I know because I compared with earlier versions... What am i doing wrong? thanx kali