1. gedstar

    Photoshop CC2015 easter egg

    Just came across this on another site you can turn the Edit Toolbar icon into a banana, shift right click and shift click the fly out menu, you don't have to make any changes and shift click Done. You have to wonder who finds these things
  2. MrToM

    3D Animation in PS !!!

    Who would have thought that 3D animation in PS was even possible..? I didn't. With time on my hands over Easter I'd thought I'd try and get to grips with the 3D part of PS, not because I'm ever going to use it but there have been several PS 3D related questions on the forum lately and well, I...
  3. chrisdesign

    Happy Easter to all of you

    Kind regards Chris
  4. dv8_fx

    Happy easter...........

    HAPPY EASTER to all of you and yours at PHOTOSHOPGURUS...... From Vic (dv8_fx) and Family.....