1. Y

    Best Photoshop Ebook!!

    So I have purchased this product, Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition. This product has tons of great tutorials for any beginner to easily follow. I know this is my first post but I hope that you can respect it.:redface:
  2. English_Wolf

    Many photoshop e-books avalable here

    The site seems legitimate. I removed the link EW These are copyrighted books
  3. B

    creating ebook

    hello group I am using CS5. Can anyone guide me how to make ebook including cover. Thanks in advance
  4. I

    Actions Action Ebook merge left right page in ane wide

    Action Ebook merge left right portrait pages in one Landscape Hello... We have an Ebook in PDF format. I want to merge left and right pages in one lanscape pdf or jpg. I convert that pages in jpg format. I merge manualy with photoshop as bellow. 1) Open 0001.jpg file (left size) 2) Resize...