edit wedding photos

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    Paid Wedding ring

    I need the main wedding picture edited to have the wedding ring on my hand. Have included pics of ring and hand.
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    Specific Wedding Photo Help

    Hi There, I have been recommended your forum by my sister, who you really helped out last year with her wedding photos. Unfortunately, the group photos of me, my groom and his family at our wedding did not come out. We have a photo of us and my sister-in-law, and a photo of us with my father &...
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    Specific please edit the veil on wedding picture!

    Wondering if someone can edit the veil in all 4 pictures, so that is is spread out evenly instead of folded? i'm not sure how hard this is to do. thought id see if it can be fixed! also, in the first picture (0625) if the rose petals on the floor can be removed that would be great!
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    Request ( Need my wedding photo's to be edited)

    Hi there, I don't know if I am on the right place. The pro photographer that I used for my wedding buggered up my photos. Is there someone that can have a look at it and see whether they can photoshop it for me. Regards