1. S

    Specific Rug tag!

    Can someone please photoshop the rug tag out of the picture! My girlfriend wants to post this but she is very particular. You can ALSO photoshop funny things with the dog as well if you want as well. Corgi :)
  2. P

    Please combine these two images

    Hello, I would like to have this elven face created by zeronis-art replace the one in this half elf D&D character if possible Thank you so much!
  3. R

    Elf on a Shelf

    Requesting to have three "Elves" on a shelf here. Please add two duplicates of the current elf please, I'll alter the faces. Thanks in advance...my noob skills just aren't cutting it!
  4. Cindy Grundsten

    Lonely Elf

    I did an artwork with a wonderful stock from Deviantart. I always read stock providers Term of Use but this time I was not paying attention. This caused problem to me because I also had done a Tutorial from the work. And when I get back to the stock provider to read the Term of use again It sad...
  5. K

    Transform a woman into an elf

    Photoshop Tutorial – Transform a woman into an elf Technique: Photo manipulation and Digital Painting Software: Photoshop Level: Intermediate 1 Tutorial Url: http://digitalartisland.com/photoshop-tutorial-transform-a-woman-into-an-elf/ http://youtu.be/auH3zGwIg5I