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  1. J

    Creating an Email Signature

    Hello! I am a secondary school teacher in charge of graphic design and have been asked to create a universal email signature for the entire school, based upon one that I had made for myself in Photoshop. I have a Macbook Pro 16" Retina M1, and what I am finding is that when I go to import the...
  2. Pipsmom

    Old slides to photos

    I have a odd question and frankly need a photographer to tell me how this could be done. I have been offered additional old pictures to be practice on and be restored but they are slides. He's in US and I'm in UK What does he need to do to get the slides onto his computer so he can email them to...
  3. CJ923

    Has anyone come across a file type "69F24B59 File"?

    Howdy - a customer came into my shop, an Asian lady, very little English, and wanted us to print some photos she had on her phone. She sent them in the body of an email to us, and while I was able to see the images in her email and download them, we could not open the files in any program other...
  4. S

    adding caption to an image for printing

    hi, i have looked to see if i can find my answer but was unable to. i want to take images, and add a white banner / caption with info such as info about the image and standard stuff like my name and email / website and copyright. usually in 7x5 or 8x6 inches. would it be as simple...
  5. S

    Saving files to JPG

    Hi everyone. I'm new to Photoshop and I'm having issues with saving my finished work to JPEG and then sending via email. When I attach the JPEG file to the email and send it, the recipient can only see the image in the body of the email. There is no seperate attachment that they can then save...
  6. E

    Sending Client Emails

    Hello! I am a PC user and this question came about the other day when discussing with an Apple user how my email attachments arrives as part of the email and not on the side icons. When I use my Outlook, I select "attach this file" and that creates a bar above the email (where we type the...
  7. R

    Help making an email signature

    I need help making an email signature with the animated text: Merry X-mas & Happy New Year I'd like the whole look and feel to be more hipsterish and trendy like this example (feel free to go crazy): I also need it with the inclusion of the attached image and some pictures of labrador...
  8. D

    Can someone please remove the black background so I can use this design on a shirt?

    Email me at Thank you very much for the help.
  9. A

    Modify head shot to print on T-shirt (was: Special request for photoshop pros)

    I am in charge of creating t-shirts for my family reunion this year, and I work for a printing company. I have a photo of a friend that I want to convert to black and white to print on the front of a t-shirt, but i have no clue how to do it properly. I can supply the photo if one of you can...
  10. T

    need photos sorted for to put on canvas

    looking for someone to sort a few photos so as I can put them on to canvas for my wife as the 2 dogs died last year and would be a amazing birthday gift for her as she misses them everyday any help would be greatful and whilling to pay a price thanks I can email photos if easier please pm me...
  11. K

    Removing glasses from a photo?

    I've tried using the clone and smudge tools to remove glasses from a photo, but to no luck. Was wondering if someone would possibly do it for me? If you could leave your email, I could send it to you. It would be much appreciated.
  12. L

    Looking for someone who worked on my business cards years ago

    I am referring to this thread I had someone design my business cards, in which I paid him, and printed them. Its been a few years, I have a new phone number now, and am...
  13. P

    Reducing file size for email? Please help!

    Hey guys, I posted yesterday about having trouble with the production of my CV on photoshop elements 9.0 and thankfully with the help of some gurus on here yesterday it got sorted, but unfortunately today I have another problem concerning the same CV. My CV is finished, spent ages on it...