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  1. S

    Specific Engagement cake

    Hey guys, i am hopefully getting engaged this summer and for that occasion, i want to buy an engagement cake. Now we like the cake i just posted but we find it somewhat empty. That's why i want to ask the bakery for a slight variation of the cake. I want this cake but the first layer (the first...
  2. C

    Specific Engagement Photos - Help

    My name is Charles and I am new to the community. If possible, I am hoping to get some help with a few photos. My fiancee and I recently took our engagement photos and are currently waiting for the photographer to send us all of the pictures. In the meantime, he sent us a few pictures at my...
  3. E

    Please can someone photoshop my engagement picture

    Please can someone remove the deck chairs from my engagement picture? My lovely boyfriend did an amazing job proposing but I would just love a version with out them there if anyone could help please!
  4. K

    I need a photoshop ASAP in the next few hours

    Hey guys, I'm new here. I need a photoshop done, in the next few hours. I just need a picture of an engagement ring in my hand. Thanks.