1. A


    Hi everyone, I'm really excited to learn more in Photoshop here. :cheesygrin:
  2. K

    hi x

    hi am kirsty teaching my self how to use photoshop and excited about learning new things x
  3. S

    Hello Gurus!

    My name is Javier, I'm a web developer and hobby designer. Learning more and more everyday about Photoshop and I'm excited to join the community to increase my PS knowledge.
  4. LoriA

    New member hello

    So excited to have found this site.
  5. E

    First Proper Beauty Retouch Edit!

    Helloooooo good people of the PSGuru Forum! I have officially made my first proper beauty retouch edit. I'm really happy with how it turned out and am SO excited to put it up in my portfolio. It's my own picture too, so that's an added plus. Buttttt, I would very much love to hear what you...
  6. A

    Really Excited!

    Hey guys! I've not been online much in the past few weeks, been really busy with Christmas client work - I hope everyone is well! I'm really excited to announce I've just been interview on WP Crown magazine, you can check my interview out here: Interview with Adam McIntyre aka...