1. taylor2121

    Specific Back Ground

    Hey thanks so much in advance. Can somene add a crowd in the background of these photos Scouts, and Coaches is what I'm referring to exactly. They can be blurred out if need be. In the post I've included an example of what they should look like. Mod edit: deleted watermarked pictures.(See rules)
  2. B

    New from Nova Scotia

    Hi Everyone! New to this forum. I from Nova Scotia, Canada and have been using Photoshop on a Mac since version 2. My usage is very limited to photographs only so no web, no video , 3D etc. Still no expert by any means especially when it comes to the technical side (back end) whatever you want...
  3. Christopher Careaga


    Hello to all. I have been involved with Photoshop since 2001 (ver 5.5) however I can't claim to be an expert or anything because I am self taught. I will probably ask a lot of questions. Please be patient. Thanks!
  4. Andy Sicas


    Hello everyone My name is andy I'm a graphic designer but do not consider myself an expert in photoshop. I am here to learn and clear many doubts about photoshop.
  5. P

    Please remove two people from a ski resort image

    So, I need someone who can remove two women from the image. You see those girls to my left and right? I want them gone. (I sound like a mafia boss) Image attached. Thanks.
  6. A

    Logo gamer clan

    Hi, i recently meet i guy who need a logo for his gamer clan, i explain to him that i am not and expert on making logos, i just start to learn illustrator on my own, but he didn't care so i tried... he wanted the name of the clan and the colors black and red, no more info XD I did this, as i...
  7. M

    Hi from italy!

    I am not an expert of photoshop, maybe I will be a day?
  8. K

    Newbie Alert !!

    Hello folks, I'm not too good at introductions but here's a quick one from me. I'm Kate, 45, from Yorkshire in the Uk. I am happily married to the amazingly patient Jim, Mum to 5 daughters and Nannie to 4 grandchildren. All in all the family takes up a lot of my time and so when I get the...
  9. Newmarket2

    looking for help in buying a monitor for PS processing

    Is this the correct forum for this topic? I'm looking for someone who is very knowledgeable about the latest in monitor technology and products. I'm no expert in fact, I mostly use Lightroom, but both rely on the monitor for color accuracy, sharpness, etc Michael
  10. A

    Hello every one

    I am Lawai from Malaysia. I am new here. I am a serious amateur photographer and am using Photoshop CS3 and CS6. Photoshop is a God sent tool to improve digital photos. However, it is rather tricky to fully understand and utilise the tools. Of course, with all your help and guidance, I can...
  11. P

    The Photo Editing Expert Says Hello

    Hi Everyone I've just joined the forum and I've use many different versions of Photoshop commercially for a few years now, so I'm really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and advice to help out the beginners with their Photoshop questions!
  12. A


    Im currently working on wedding photos right now, and i have a nice color theme to go by. Is there a way i can set a whole preset or apply these settings to a batch of photos instead of making changes one by one? (settings I'm doing below) *activate photo tab in photoshop cs5 window*...