1. S

    I need help with extracting a specific part of an animated GIF.

    Until now, the method I have used for extracting specific parts from an animated GIF was through the use of the Quick selection tool and layer masks. I would select, on a frame by frame basis, the part I want to keep, refine the edges, then apply a layer mask to remove the remainder of the GIF...
  2. A

    Help extracting object

    Anyone bored at work? I need to extract the kitty from the background ASAP, and I'm having trouble with my Extract Tool download!!! Any one of you savvy folks willing to do this for me? I would SO appreciate it! We're making a t-shirt for my 7 year old! Happy Holidays!:) AAARG!!! Having...
  3. R

    Taking something out of an image.

    I tried doing this, and it took only 5-10 mins max But heres the before picture As you can see there's a woman standing in the middle, so I tried taking her out, for practice: Do you think I did a good job? I notice some faults, but it was really quick, just for introductory purposes for this...
  4. ibclare

    work & fun -- extracting hair

    I'm trying channels for hair extraction. This is one of those tutorials where I find I'm missing something, because even though I follow the steps, my results are not quite . . . :banghead: Other tutorials to try next. Anyway, I had fun overall. Just not the result I want. Learning . . ...