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    Help to remove facial hair from photo

    Hi guys i really need my facial hair to be removed from this picture for school graduation.Long story short i am graduating from school only if they accept my internship at some hotel but for some reason school is not accepting bearded students.I could take picture again but the hotel is in...
  2. F

    Defeating Facial Recognition with Photoshop

    I figure there are a lot of experts here and was wondering what your thoughts are on whether by adjusting someones face in adobe photoshop one could defeat advanced facial recognition software. Basically, facial recognition software is really facial matching software - where it measures the...
  3. J

    Please help!

    Can some one please straighten my jaw line and give me facial hair, I'm not looking for a full beard but multiple styles it's up to you, my facial hair is the same as my head but has a slightly red tint to it, do anything you want but please make it look as realistic as possible thank you!
  4. S

    Facial Editing..

    Can anyone help me edit the face slimmer, and the nose a little taller?