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  1. chrisdesign

    3D Gold Ring with Diamonds

    Trying to do some decent renderings of diamonds was a more difficult project I could imagine. 1. I tried to find a Blender tutorial with "nodes" settings for diamonds. I failed. 2. I tried to find a diamond "light setting" tutorial. I failed. 3. I realized that I was once more on my own and...
  2. Z

    Dark shadows around hair (was: How to create a black smokey aura effect?)

    Hello everyone, So I am working on an art project and i was trying to create a dark aura effect like this I failed terribly so is there anyone who could help me with recreating something like this? Thanks
  3. E

    [How to Make Hipster Rapunzel?]

    how to make hipster rapunzel I've seen them all over the net and wanna to know how to make one myself here is a en example of one I've tired doing it but I've failed if anyone can help me that would be great
  4. Enjey

    Need help on adjustments

    Hello, I need some help from the veterans to get this image completed. I lack the skills :I I need the text to be completed and aligned with the background all linear and fluid. If someone could help I would really appreciate it. P.S: I kind of failed patching around the text.
  5. L

    How to only colour the line-art.

    I have learned how to use Multiply to colour under line-art, but how do you do the opposite? That is; Make your colouring only affect the line-art, and nothing else? I saw a friend do it a while ago. He did some stuff, and suddenly, when he moved his paintbrush around the screen, only the...
  6. P

    Which effects are used here?

    Which effects are used here ? That shadow inside, those lines inside that button? Let me know then I will try to remake it, I already tried but totaly failed.. tried like inner shadow and similar things :banghead:
  7. Paul


    Ok i even post my failed efforts, for you to quiz. Can you tell who it was:bustagut: