1. J

    Hey everyone

    I have been lurking on this site for quite some time and decided it was time for me to join the forums. I am a budding photographer and have been using Photoshop quite some time. But I want to learn more. This is a fantastic site and I hope to use it extensively throughout my photography and...
  2. Silmarwen

    Hello from Denmark

    Hi, I'm Elisabeth from Denmark. I'm new at Photoshop and I'm happy to have found this forum to hopefully get some help with some of the things that I don't understand yet. And I'm looking forward to learning a lot about this fantastic software!:)
  3. J

    Hi Photoshop Gurus :)

    My name is JoAnn & I'm a Photoshop newbie, Lol, maybe even pre-newbie, that's how inexperienced with it I am (sadly). Am looking forward in learning here as I appears to be a fantastic assortment of Photoshoppers in all stages of expertise. Anyway, thank you for the membership :)
  4. A

    Can someone please change my logo colour to a grey transparent version? Thanks!

    I need my logo in grey PNG (transparent) format please - if you could help that would be FANTASTIC! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
  5. E

    Hello! Learning more and more everday...

    Hello good people of PS Gurus Forum! My name is Elizabeth and while I'm not new to the world of PS, I'm new to this fantastic forum. Along with the fact that I have recently realised just how complex Photoshop is. I've been using it for shameless entertainment since I was about 12 but only...
  6. dv8_fx

    Happy new year to all

    A new year is dawning somewhere in the world. A New Year ...... A New Beginning...... In behalf of everyone here at PSGurus, we would like to wish all our members and everyone across the world .... A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!! It's been a challenging but fantastic 2014. But it was...
  7. Movie Poster

    Fantastic Poster Work

  8. V

    Design A Fantastic Floating Card Logo Reveal

    In this tutorial we’ll break down a project I created called Motion Cards. We’ll create 3 scene’s in which we’ll animate some falling customizable placeholders that will be re purposed using Trapcode Particular for a dynamic logo reveal. View Now Tutorials Details * Requirements: After...