1. Eggy

    Guess the macro 09

    OK, lets see how fast this can be identified
  2. Pipsmom

    Mask issue

    :banghead: I noticed a annoying problem the past few days when painting black over my mask to reveal ....but before I finish the whole area, the first section I started in begins to slowly turn back opaque leaving a faint hue...I rework the mask by painting it again real fast before it happens...
  3. R

    Can someone help add a smile to a pic real fast?

    I need it real quick, I'd appreciate it!
  4. Paul

    How fast is fast?

    A new download speed test for your internet as been launched only goes one way. How quick is your connection? Netflix speed checker here -
  5. IamSam

    Digital Painting: A Black and White Study

    Recently Hoogle posted a link to Picarto.TV. I have spent an unusual amount of time watching other very talented artists paint. I have painted my entire life and it wasn't until a great friend of mine went from traditional paintbrushes and airbrushes over to the "sinful" Photoshop, did I ever...
  6. A


    After long time without using photoshop i start again with this retouch on and image of google. Original Retouch and a fast montage that i do because i was bored :wink:
  7. B

    Remove off white background with white product

    I'm having problems removing an off white background for products with white in them, I've got lots to do and need a fast way of doing it, can anyone suggest what's the best way to do it?
  8. Paul

    Site loading s l o w l y again?

    Very sluggish today, every other site i have been to is running smoothly and very fast?
  9. TheBlueAsset

    How to change the color of an object

    Here's a really basic tutorial i made its about changing the color of an object -Link Here- I hope you guys like it. :cheesygrin:
  10. M

    Trick 4 fast VEXEL creation? Help

    I took some time rather really long time in creating vexel art, can anyone help me how to do it quick,... Thanks a bunch,.:cool2:
  11. Windows7

    SOS SOS!!! Please i need very fast help!!!!

    I got next problem:i opened a new project and created a shape with the pen tool.. and now i want to fill that shape with color BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE WHOLE PROJECT FILLS WITH COLOR!!!!!:s:s:s