1. S

    Just saying Hello Everyone

    Hello I am a Photoshop fan & came in here to learn from The Gurus I am from Pune India & learning Photoshop is my favourite pass time . Thank you Sanjay Joshi
  2. I

    Hi there :)

    Hi guys. I've been reading the forum for a long time and now I decided to join. I'm enthusiast and Photoshop is my favourite hobby. I believe I could learn so much here :) and I will be glad if I'm capable to help someone ..
  3. S

    Favourite Posts?

    I was just wondering if there a way to save a post or thread as a favourite? There is so much information on this forum I would love to refer back to some posts easily, like a notebook. thanks :)
  4. Paul

    My two favourite things - besides family of course.

    I made this just for fun, i wonder whos who on the photo here?:)
  5. Hoogle

    what are your favourite photoshop plugins

    Ok we all like to think we can achieve most effects and gradually buil up layers etc to achieve it but there are plugins that make life a lot simpler and usually just using slider bars so here I would like for people to share what plugins they use and maybe tell us which 1s are worth buying or...