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    How to make these photo image effects ??

    How to make these photo image effects ?? Attached 3 images .Pleae help me teach Gurus.i think its feather effects ???
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    First timer here, very excited

    Hey everyone, this is my first time ever in a forum and I am happy to say it is this one. I am looking forward to being an active part of this community! First and foremost I have no earthly idea what i am doing but i am actively learning and have done a few things here and there. I ultimately...
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    [Help!]Pen tool selections come out blurry and feathered

    I am trying to make a clean and crisp selection using the pen tool, but every time I try filling it with the color I want it fills with a pretty noticeable feather or blurred edge. I have tried filling it different ways (with CMD+Delete, and just using the paint brush) and it is always...
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    Resizing a vector mask with feather

    Hi guys! This particular thing has me stumped and maybe you can help :) I have a vector shape, for example a circle with a feather of 5px and I want to scale up the entire image. When I increase the image size, the feather on the shape doesn't scale with it and stays at 5px. This is extremely...
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    Turn off feather when painting or deleting!

    How do you turn off the feather when painting a simple square or circular selection? Also, when I delete, it feathers as well... and I can't seem to find how to adjust this! Thanks to anyone that can help.
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    How can I Feather to dark or black rather than feather to light in Photoshop?

    How can I Feather around an image to dark or black rather than feather to light? Or would it be called Inverse Feather? Any ideas? Or is this not possible?
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    Is there a way to remove / change feather option AFTER closing lasso on Photoshop?

    Hi there Ive just spent 20 minutes polygonal lassoing round an image and after I'd closed the lasso shape I found I'd accidentally set feather on 34 rather than 1 (God knows how I did this). Is it possible to remove the feather option at this point, or better still change it to 1, or am I going...