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    Filling a logo

    I want to fill in the font here in this image to white, without filling in the area surrounding it. I was hoping to use some kind of mask to automatically keep everything outside of the letter/s transparent. How can I do this?
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    [Help!]Pen tool selections come out blurry and feathered

    I am trying to make a clean and crisp selection using the pen tool, but every time I try filling it with the color I want it fills with a pretty noticeable feather or blurred edge. I have tried filling it different ways (with CMD+Delete, and just using the paint brush) and it is always...
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    Filling a shape with a existing picture or pattern

    Hi All, I am new to Photoshop, and I cannot believe how power it is. My question is how do fill a shape with another picture. If you look at the attach image, I wish to fill the shape to the left of the carbon fibre pattern with the fibre pattern.
  4. M

    Layer filling

    Hi im trying something like this in which the layer is golden in color...but cannot achieve it. Any help would be appreciated
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    Filling objects while retaining textures

    Hi all, First - Happy New Year! We've spent time trying to do this for the past couple months. Didn't know (but so relieved to find out today) there are forums for Photoshop help! Of course, we should have realized that... 2 months ago! Anyhow we're trying to change the blue brush stroke...
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    Filling elipses tool with colour

    Hi there, I'm trying to fill my elipses with a colour - when I right click and choose fill, it doesn't fill it correctly - it merely does as the image below. What am I doing wrong? Thanks :wink: