1. taylor2121

    Specific Back Ground

    Hey thanks so much in advance. Can somene add a crowd in the background of these photos Scouts, and Coaches is what I'm referring to exactly. They can be blurred out if need be. In the post I've included an example of what they should look like. Mod edit: deleted watermarked pictures.(See rules)
  2. S

    Which program to use to create psychedelic footage? something like this?
  3. richardrosenman

    Image Light Leaks Free Pack

    Hey gang; I've just posted the first of many stock footage collections, and this one is 100% FREE. Image Light Leaks Free Pack is a FREE collection of 20 4K real light leak images, totaling over 64MB. As a professional digital artist, light leak overlays are an indispensable tool when...
  4. C

    Help!!!! Need to catch this robber!

    Hello everyone, I am begging for your help in catching the scumbag who robbed my mom this weekend. He came up behind her and snatched her purse, knocking her over and dragging her along the sidewalk. I have some footage of the guy but no skills in video editing or photoshop. I know there...
  5. C

    Creating objects for use in chroma keying

    I want to create a giant honeycomb composed of seven smaller honeycombs and have a symbol placed on each individual honeycomb and well as different video footage on each individual honeycomb.I then want to bring each honeycomb one at a time towards the screen for a minute or two with video...