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    request to remove unwanted objects

    Hello, I would like to have below photo as a portrait. I would like to have this black 'object' removed as well as part of my friend? This is the photo I would like to have edited: And this is a photo which I think can be useful to cut fragment of my shirt: Also in attachment a photo...
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    "Fragmented" effect?

    Hello guys, I'm a newbie in Photoshop... Can I ask for help regarding how to recreate this effect as seen in Tokyo Ghoul's ED... Did they use special brushes and/or textures for the "fragments" at the bottom of the images? If so, how do I apply them? Thanks in advance! Cheers :D
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    Hello everyone There is an app on iphone that allows you to do patterns on your image. The app is called "fragment" This app is only available on iphone. If this was something I wanted to do on photoshop how would it be done? Or is there any similar app (on computer) that allow me to create...